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July 2019

Welcome to the first blog posting! Since writing the book, people have asked where the idea and story lines sprang from and those are fair questions. However, trying to answer it is not quite so easy. As memory serves, writing has always just come naturally. My father was an accomplished writer of business letters and reports; his advice was to succinctly write to the point you wished to make. Good advice, which I have tried to heed.

The story, I'll Take My Chances, draws on what I've either been a part of or read about. Decades ago, I wrote long letters to my wife, who in those days was not my wife. She liked my prose and urged me to pursue the craft, but years passed without me seriously putting pen to paper. However, following a near death experience in 2010, a motorcycle tour of Europe rose to the top of my bucket list.

In May 2011, my motorcycle went into the cargo hold of a trans Atlantic flight and we both arrived in Frankfurt Germany for a two month odyssey. Being a life long history buff (nerd?), I visited the majority of World War One's infamous Western Front where my grandfather served. I also visited the English town where gramps was born.

Each day I wrote in a journal, recording my adventures and impressions with the idea of writing a small travel brochure after returning to Canada. Those writings were subsequently published in the November 2012 edition of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.

Also that year, my wife bought a notebook computer that allowed me to begin writing what I initially thought might become a short story. To quote one of my literary heroes, J.R.R. Tolkien, 'the tale grew grew in the telling' and it morphed into the novel "I'll Take My Chances." Hopefully you enjoy the tale and look for future blog posts.

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