Worth Taking A Chance

It speaks to the heartbreak war often brings when young men roll the dice to answer the call of duty. The story weaves tales of separation, unrequited love, intense romance and devotion to promises and honor. At it's heart, this is an anti-war story that illustrates how family can be devastated by conflict while also speaking to the healing of spirit that passes from one generation to the next.

What readers are saying about I'll Take My Chances...

"Your greatest skill is most certainly in setting the scene and building tensions for what is to come. Your description of the rolling hills in England, the Canadian prairies, the bustle and charm of Montreal and the fury and violence of battle in Europe are visually stunning and paint an effortless picture in the reader’s mind."


- FriesenPress

"Love the story and characters! The history is factual and written in such a way as you feel you are there."

- Dale • Calgary AB

"Cover to cover and excellent read. As a retired service member, I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone with a military background or anyone that likes to read a good book. Couldn't put Volume 1 down, and I read it in one night!"

- Bob • Edmonton AB

"WOW! Loved it. Loved the story line and the way you brought it all together. As a self described military nerd, i was amazed at your ability to allow the reader to be in the moment. Your descriptive abilities are awesome."

- Queenie • Edmonton AB

"An absorbing, if fatalistic, first volume of an epic historical fiction trilogy."

- Kirkus Reviews

"Turner does an amazing job of roping his readers into this exciting story. Filled with emotional twists and turns, this novel is excellently written and leaves the reader wanting more. Although I am not much of a history buff, I found "I'll Take My Chances" extremely exciting as Turner writes in a way to keep readers of all backgrounds and interests engaged. You will fall in love with the characters, become immersed in the story, and I promise you will not be able to put this book down! Simply remarkable."


- Emma • Barrie ON

"I've never read a book that fast. It really captured my interest and then of course, I was hooked. Loved the story line and was curious to see how things turned out for the family."


- Sonja • St. Johns NL

Hardcover Book Vol 1.png

I'll Take My Chances Vol. 1


The story begins in the 1850s and sets the stage for generational visions and wisdom sharing through the character of Walking Thunder. More than a century ago, most whites gave little credence to such notions.


As Sidney travels through the story, he immigrates to Canada dreaming of owning a farm. He initially finds misplaced love with Mystique, although it is with Emma, that he finds lasting love and a home.

    When World War 1 erupts, he is torn between the Indian and white way. His decision sets the direction for Emma and their descendants in the following decades.

Hardcover Book Vol 2.png

I'll Take My Chances Vol. 2

Sidney and Emma's child, also named Sidney, is born following the war although he does not see or hear visions. While fighting in World War 2, he experiences severe physical and emotional trauma. which leave him mentally and emotionally unable to live a normal life after the war. 

    He does marry the beautiful Charlotte but, over time, makes the lives of her and Emma pure hell and this volume paints a harrowing picture of severe post traumatic stress disorder. It also introduces the adolescent characters of Gareth and Bettina. Bettina's actions unhinge Gareth's ability to cope, which sets the stage for what follows in volume three.

Hardcover Book Vol 3.png

I'll Take My Chances Vol. 3

Gareth follows in both Sidneys' footsteps by volunteering to fight in Vietnam. There tragedy strikes and Gareth's life could have gone either way following that event. However, the love of a woman helps return him to reality for a time but then, disaster strikes again.

     Gareth retreats deep into his own space, which at times, is quite dark before reconnecting with the spiritual energy of Walking Thunder and Emma. And finally, long overdue, Bettina returns to the story.


Gary’s family history of military service, and his early life as a self-proclaimed army brat set him up for a lifelong interest in war history. Travelling throughout Canada and Germany with his family, Gary acquired a vast knowledge in all things military from his Father. As a young man, Gary always possessed an urgency to serve in the Canadian Air Force – but life events led him down a different path. After ten years of research from all corners of Canada and Europe, Gary has produced a sweeping body of literature that captivates readers of all backgrounds.            

Gary now resides in Calgary  with his wife, Betsy and their dog, Mikey. Gary continues to enjoy researching the British Empire role on the Western Front, particularly the Canadian Expeditionary Force’s service in that conflict. Gary has an obsession with his motorcycle, ‘The Blue Max’, on which he and his wife can be found riding in their free time. Gary has begun writing his second novel and is currently working towards full time retirement in hopes of pursuing his writing career further.